Get on the Water Flavor Train

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Do you absolutely hate the taste of water? You are not alone; for many people, staying hydrated is difficult for this exact reason. And dehydration is no joke. It can happen quickly and result in fatigue, loss of concentration, dizziness, confusion, and of course – less frequent urination. We lose water regularly through sweating, breathing, and going to the bathroom. If any of those has increased, we probably need to be drinking more. Special cases of water loss include breastfeeding and illness (through diarrhea or vomiting). Read More

The 1-2-3 of Taking Down Conflicts in Nutrition Conversations

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These days, there are so many nutrition philosophies out there it’s hard to keep up. And because nutrition science is still so new, the effectiveness of one over the other can be difficult to nail down. In truth, nutrition is only one facet to a long, healthy life, and human beings have successfully adapted to all sorts of dietary traditions. That makes it more difficult to rank one way of eating as more superior to another. Read More

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6 Habits of Healthy, Happy People

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As a lover of self-help books geared toward health and wellness, I often wonder: what truly makes people happy? Looking around the gym at people working out intensely, what motivates them? Walking by a Newbury Street outdoor restaurant and seeing a person laugh at dinner, what is making them happy? Obviously, happiness can be defined in many ways, but how is it defined by healthy and happy individuals? After doing a bit of digging, I’ve highlighted 6 different trends that seem to be commonly present in the lives of the healthy and happy. Read More

Perfect Nutrient Pairings: Get More From Your Foods

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In the world of nutrition research, we are still trying to figure out how nutrients are absorbed from our foods and how to get the most out of every meal for long-term health and longevity. What we have learned is, in many instances nutrients are better absorbed – or, more bioavailable – from foods than from dietary supplements. The hundreds of thousands of natural chemical reactions in our foods appear to be working synergistically throughout our digestion and absorption process. Read More


Salad Fatigue? Expand Your Veggie Servings

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Making a salad at home is a simple, quick way to get your veggie intake for the day. Greens and other fresh-cut vegetables contain a variety of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants: fiber, potassium, calcium, magnesium, vitamins A, C, and K, and all your B vitamins just to name a few. But if you feel like the salad game is played out – you are not alone. Read along for some other options. Read More

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6 Ways to Eat Your Veggies without Pouting or Holding Your Nose

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The mature adult in you knows it’s best to eat a variety of vegetables to maintain your youthful glow and kid-like energy. But, let’s get real. Sometimes the thought of a plain old carrot stick or a plate of broccoli makes you want to, well… WAAH, you just don’t wanna! Those are the times when you shouldn’t think twice about indulging the baby inside of you. Be your own doting parent and sneak some vegetables onto your plate by hiding them in something delicious. Read More