At Republic Fitness, we are inspired by delivering outstanding service, innovative fitness experiences and motivating our members to push their limits. We strive to create an environment that allows our members to obtain their fitness goals, get the most out of their membership and enjoy their experience in comfort and safety.   Our guidelines have been created with those goals in mind.  We expect our staff at all times to be courteous and respectful of our members, guests, their fellow co-workers and the our facilities.  We ask that our members and guests do the same.  We hope you take the time to review these guidelines.  They will answer questions, provide you with information, and help you navigate all that we have to offer.  If you have any questions throughout your time as a member, please do not hesitate to ask your General Manager or a member of our membership, fitness or front desk teams.  Thank you for choosing Republic Fitness.  We are honored that you have made us part of your lives.


The health and well-being of our members and staff remains our top priority. While every member of our team will be working to keep our clubs clean and sanitary, we need your support in creating the safest possible environment to enjoy. As a result, we are updating our club policies to set clear expectations for all.


I confirm I do not have any symptoms related to and have not been knowingly exposed to COVID-19.  I confirm that I have not had contact with a person who has or is suspected of having COVID-19. If the above status changes, I agree not to visit the club.


I agree to wear a face covering while in the club.


I will use best efforts to keep physical distancing.  I will keep 14 feet of distancing from other people while exercising and 6 feet in common areas.

I agree to follow posted requirements regarding club flow, restricted areas, and room capacities.


I agree to disinfect all equipment before and after each use and follow CDC guidelines. I agree to sanitize my hands upon entering the club and keep my hands washed/sanitized while at the club.


I agree to make online reservations in advance for my club visits. I will adhere to the start and end time for these visits.


Payments are due for all members on the first of the month.  If the first falls on a weekend or holiday, payment may be charged on the next available business day.  Accepted forms of payment are Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover and checking/savings account debit.  Automatic billing returns and returned checks will have a $20 handling assessment added to the monthly account balance.

We understand that there may be times when you cannot make use of the club for medical or personal reasons, and therefore offer members the opportunity to freeze their membership for up to 6 months in a calendar year.  These freeze requests may be extended with a written request from a doctor or for military deployment.

All freeze requests must be made by the 25th of the month prior to the month the member wishes to start an account freeze. Freezes begin on the first day and end on the last day of a calendar month, however, members do have the option to end a freeze early. Freezes cannot be retroactive unless certain medical conditions apply and written notification regarding the need for a freeze is received from a medical professional.  There is no fee associated with a medical or maternity freeze and a monthly fee of $30 will apply to all personal freezes. Please visit the club to initiate the membership freeze process. During a personal or maternity freeze, members may access the club for a $20 per visit fee. Freeze fees do not reduce the minimum number of payments required to satisfy any obligations for committed contracts.

If you feel you are not getting the benefits of your membership that you hoped, we recommend talking with a member of our membership or fitness teams who can provide the motivation, support, and expertise you need to get you back into an exercise routine.  They will work with you to develop a fitness program that meets your specific needs by developing a work-out plan that keeps you exercising and gets you the results you want, reviewing our group fitness schedule with you, scheduling you for one of our free complimentary equipment orientations to learn how to better use the equipment, or setting you up to meet with a personal trainer who can work with you one-on-one or in a small group.

Should you wish to cancel your membership, we advise reviewing your membership contract for cancellation terms or speaking directly to a Membership Advisor about any questions you may have.  If you have a membership obligation, you can forego early cancellation fees by transferring your membership to a non-member.  Cancellation of any membership contract must be conducted in person at the club or with certified written notification unless extenuating circumstances exist.   Questions about cancellations can be answered by a Membership Advisor or the General Manager.


For the safety and security of our members and their belongings, all members and guests must show their membership card to gain access to the club.  If a Republic Fitness ID card has been lost or stolen, there is a $10 replacement fee.

Security cameras with recording capabilities may be in use at our facilities.


Members are expected to be courteous and respectful to other members, guests and staff at all times. Inappropriate, disrespectful, threatening or offensive behavior, interactions or emails may result in the immediate termination of membership and facilities access.


Your safety is our priority.  Our trainers are professional fitness providers and are not qualified to give medical advice for any reason.  Thus, we require that you seek outside advice from qualified medical authorities and obtain clearance from your physician prior to beginning any exercise program.   As a member, it is your responsibility to seek the proper medical attention should you develop an injury or if your medical condition changes, and to inform the Center of any change in your health or medical status. Republic Fitness reserves the right to restrict usage of facilities or require additional written medical approval to exercise from your physician if we believe that a member or guest may be in danger from excessive exercise or may not be adequately supporting their fitness routine nutritionally.


It is recommended that all expecting mothers consult with a medical professional before exercising.  Expecting mothers may take a maternity freeze to suspend their membership for up to six months if necessary. All maternity freeze requests must be made 3 days prior to the month the member wishes to start an account freeze.


A one-time Processing Fee of $50 will be billed on the second (2nd) day of the month after joining or after the member elects to switch payment methods. This Processing Fee will be waived for members who elect, at the time of signing, to pay their monthly dues via ACH transfer from their bank account, or for those who switch payment methods to ACH transfer from their bank account prior to the first day of the month after joining.


We want to make sure you get off to a strong start and experience all that Healthworks has to offer.  Most of our new members depending on the membership package chosen, receive two introductory sessions with a personal trainer.  The sessions with a trainer are designed to provide you with a safe and effective workout based on your goals and fitness level.  These introductory sessions expire within 90 days of joining.


If you would like to become more acquainted with any of our machines and learn how to better use the fitness equipment, we hope you will take advantage of the many complimentary equipment orientations we offer.  You can schedule yourself for a complimentary orientation through our online reservation system or ask one of our staff to do it for you.  If you have any questions about these sessions, ask a member of our Membership, Fitness or Front Desk teams.

Bring your own headphones and enjoy our cardio-theater or the on-demand and music options available on many of our cardio machines. If you want to stay focused and motivated, you can track your strength training progress on a Program Card that we provide or your cardio progress through our Republic Fitness app or via the consoles on our Matrix equipment.

Cardiovascular equipment is available to all members with a 30-minute usage maximum on any one machine. We ask members to be aware of their fellow members when using the strength training circuit equipment.  If you are doing multiple sets on any one machine, between sets please allow others who are engaged in the circuit and /or doing only one set to use the machine.

To maintain a healthy environment for all members, please disinfect any equipment after using it with the sanitary wipes that are available in multiple locations on the fitness floor.  We also recommend washing your hands thoroughly before and after working out. Republic Fitness is required by our Fitness equipment vendors to enforce their guidelines for the acceptable use of the equipment we purchase from them.  Please let a staff member know if you have any questions about these policies or guidelines.


Our clubs offer a comprehensive and diverse group fitness program with more than 100 classes per week.  The Group Fitness program allows members to diversify their workouts, gain strength, flexibility and cardio health and have fun all at the same time.  No matter what your goals, there is a class for you!  Group Fitness classes happen every day and include cardio, strength training, cycling, yoga, barre, and Zumba. The weekly Group Fitness schedule changes seasonally in accordance with previous member participation, instructor availability and member feedback.  New schedules are posted in the club at least seven days in advance of any changes for member comment. Please make every effort to join Group Fitness classes on time and remain until the end of the cooldown to avoid personal injury and disruption to your fellow members.

A ticketing system is used to allow diverse access to classes.  Half of the spaces for Ticketed Classes are available for online reservation 30 hours before the scheduled class – the other half of the tickets are available on a first-come-first-serve basis at the Front Desk one hour prior to the class’s start time.    All reserved tickets must be picked up at least five minutes prior to the scheduled start time or they will be released to the members on the waitlist.  The Front Desk Associates are not permitted to hold tickets for members who may have been unable to reserve a space or who may be running late.


Whatever your goal, Republic Fitness personal trainers can help you every step of the way.  Our experienced trainers are caring and committed to focusing on your unique needs so that reaching your goals is enjoyable and empowering.  Personal training is right for you if you need motivation, want to work harder than you would on your own, need a professional jump start, have reached a plateau in your fitness level, want to lose weight, desire more diversity in your exercise routine, have a specific goal to reach, or are recovering from injury or have a health condition.

You can work with a trainer one-on-one, in pairs or with a small group.  Personal Training sessions are either 55 minutes or 30 minutes in length. teamTrain our small group training program has a maximum of 8 participants and comes in a variety of. Our Drop10 program helps members lose those last few pounds or supports them in a longer weight loss journey.

Personal and Small Group Training can be purchased as individual sessions, in multi-session packages, or through our auto-renew program.  Personal and Small Group Training sessions are available only to the purchaser, have established expiration dates and are not refundable unless a medical condition arises in which they cannot exercise.   Should your package expire with any remaining unused sessions, please contact your club’s Fitness Director to explore your options toward a future purchase. All services must be purchased in advance.  Package sessions can only be used at the location they are purchased at. We have a 24-hour cancellation policy.  If you change or cancel an appointment with less than 24 hours notice, you will be charged for the appointment.  In return, if a trainer cancels an appointment with less than 24 hours notice, the trainer must reschedule at another time and offer you a free session.  In the event an appointment needs to be changed or canceled within 24 hours, please notify your trainer directly via phone or email.  Should you arrive late for a session, the trainer will provide as much of the session as possible within the scheduled appointment window.  If you are more than 15 minutes late, the trainer may leave the premises.

Please note, we offer Small Group Training packages that are progressive in nature and last six weeks or drop-in sessions in which you reserve a spot at your convenience through our member portal.   If you purchase a progressive package, you can only make up one session on a drop-in basis no matter how many sessions you miss.  If you think you are going to miss more than one session, we recommend buying a package of drop-in sessions instead.

Members can change trainers at any time for any reason.  For a smooth transition, we encourage members to speak to their club’s Fitness Director. Republic Fitness employees are the only trainers allowed to train members of the club.


We hope you’ll share all that Republic Fitness has to offer with your friends, colleagues and family members.  We want to make it easy for you to introduce others to our classes, services, and facilities, so as a new member you’ll receive complimentary one-day guest passes to share with those that may be interested in trying or joining the club.  In addition, there are times throughout the year when we hold special events in which you can share our clubs with guests and pay no guest fees. If you would like to bring a guest at other times, the fee is $30 per day which includes access to the locker room and amenities, the fitness floor and all group fitness classes.  For safety reasons, guests must be a minimum of 16 years old.  All guests are required to review and sign a Guest Agreement before being permitted to use the facilities. We suggest that guests who may be interested in joining the club make an appointment with a Membership Advisor in advance of their arrival so that they can receive a complimentary guest pass as well as an orientation to the club and learn firsthand how Republic Fitness can support them in their specific fitness journey.


Republic Fitness reserves the right to revoke a Member’s membership for any violation of the provisions set forth in the Membership Agreement, or for cause if the Member fails to keep and obey any of such Rules or Regulations.  Republic Fitness reserves the right to modify policies, rules and regulations of the Center at any time, and in its sole discretion.


Celebrate a special occasion like a bachelorette or bachelor party, birthday, bridal shower or just a night out with friends or raise money for a worthy cause with a Republic Fitness Special Event.   Choose from any of our group fitness classes or small group training options, reserve your date and time, and invite your friends to join you in a memorable celebration or fundraiser that they won’t forget.  For more information, speak to the General Manager or Senior Membership Advisor in your club.


Republic Fitness locations will either modify hours or close on some holidays including but not limited to New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Day, Easter, Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.  We may also close the clubs for staff events, trainers and holiday parties.  Signage will be posted in the club as well as on the Republic Fitness website detailing any changes to our hours.


Every possible effort will be made to keep the clubs open during normal operating hours in the event of poor weather conditions.   Should modifications need to be made to our hours, notification will be posted on our website at  Please keep in mind that on occasion inclement weather causes power outages and updating our website may not be possible.  Therefore, please call the club prior to venturing out to a club during a bad storm to verify that it is open or the class you want to take is indeed happening.


Republic Fitness regularly updates and improves our facilities.  Wherever possible, these renovations and upgrades will be scheduled for when the club is closed but there may be times when some or the entire club may have to be closed.  Signage will be posted in the club as well as on the Republic Fitness website detailing any changes to our hours.


It is recommended that all personal belongings remain with your or locked in one of the lockers provided for day use.   For your convenience, combination lockers are available to store belongings in the club on an ongoing basis for an additional monthly fee.  The monthly locker fee is deducted at the time of your regular membership payment and is available on a month-to-month basis.  For more information about locker rental details, ask a member of our Front Desk or Membership teams.


Closed-toed athletic footwear is required. However, you can choose to remove your shoes in the stretching areas or when participating in a Yoga or Barre Group Fitness class. Please do not wear your spin shoes anywhere outside of the spin studio, as they can be very damaging to wood flooring.


Republic Fitness maintains a Lost and Found at each location.  Found items are kept for approximately 14 days.  Republic Fitness is not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged personal property, including but not limited to any property left on the premises or in a locker.


For the privacy and safety of all members, use of small electronic devices is not permitted inside the locker room at any time.  Talking on a cell phone is only allowed in the front lobby area.   Photographic or recording features may not be used anywhere inside the locker room. Photographic or recording features may be used by Republic Fitness Staff and members in the club in all areas other than the locker room,  verbal consent by the person(s) whose image is begin taken are needed.


Members provide consent and understand that Republic will send periodic text messages regarding updates, billing, and promotions. Standard text message rates may apply. Max message per month = 10. Reply HELP at any time for HELP or OPT OUT and discontinue messages at any time by replying STOP.


The club’s facilities and services are provided for the enjoyment of its members and may not be utilized to promote special interests or requests without the permission of the management.


Republic Fitness is designed for adults, however, we allow teenagers at least 16 years old to join with their parent’s consent.