We Offer Two Apps for Our Members

The Healthworks + Republic Fitness app allows you to check-in, book classes and services, manage your account, and so much more.

Also NEW in the app is our Coach technology! Coach gives you one convenient place to track your fitness, and integrates our Personal Training services directly into our app to enhance your member experience. With this new feature, you can:

  • Access on-demand workouts and trainer programming, carefully created by our award-winning team to help you approach the fitness floor with confidence
  • Track your fitness and progress all in one place: check-ins, nutrition, body metrics
  • Record your workouts, habits and progress
  • Create and track your own workouts
  • Receive messages about our club experience and programming directly from team members

To learn more about Coach, please click here.


And 2nd, the HWX Digital Studio app gives you access to thousands of livestream and on-demand virtual HWX and Les Mills class offerings. Learn more in our FAQ or download below (available now for Androids too!).


Frequently Asked Questions

What can I do with the app?

  • Check into club (barcode in app or Apple Wallet)
  • Schedule and cancel Classes
  • View classes and appts you scheduled
  • View payment methods and pay balance
  • View payment History
  • View and modify membership agreement
  • View session balance
  • View check-in history
  • Update your notification preferences
  • View club information
  • View current occupancy counts
  • Access Coach technology features with on-demand workouts, fitness tracking and more (NEW!)

Plus, via app shortcuts:

  • Open HWX Digital Studio app
  • Refer a friend
  • Update your account information (email, phone, emergency contact, birthday)
  • View holiday hours

How do I set up my account?

Step 1: When first setting up your account, be on the lookout for an email from Republic Fitness <noreply@trainerize.com>. If you do not receive an email, please visit healthworks.trainerize.com and click the forgot password/resend invite link and enter the email address you used when signing up for your membership.


Step 2: After your account is created, download, and install the app on to your phone. Open the app and login with the email address and password used in step 1. 


Step 3: Enable notifications and sync to calendar (optional).

Step 4: Add your barcode to your Apple Wallet by clicking Add to Apple Wallet. This will allow you to check into the club using your app.

I'm having issues downloading the app

If you are having trouble with the download buttons, you can also find the app by searching for “Republic Fitness Boston” in the App Store or Google play.

Can I still use the app to check in at the club?

Yes! You can show your barcode and check in at the club. You can also add your barcode to your Apple Wallet by clicking Add to Apple Wallet. 

How do I book or cancel a class?

To book, you can search ‘Find a Class’ under upcoming classes and book yourself into the class. To cancel, click on the event. In the top right corner, you’ll see 3 dots. Click there and select ‘Cancel Class Booking’ to unenroll.  

How do I book a class at another club?

Members with access to all Healthworks Group clubs have the ability to book classes at our different clubs directly in the app using the top, drop-down option in the class schedule.

I'm having issues logging in

If you are having issues getting set up or logging into the app, please visit healthworks.trainerize.com and click the forgot password/resend invite link and enter the email address you used when signing up for your membership.

Which is the correct app?

Healthworks + Republic Fitness App

On 4/21/23, the Healthworks app icon was updated to this:

The app is now shared with Republic Fitness, our sister club located in the financial district. Healthworks members are able to continue using the app with their existing login information. This change simply allows All-Club Access members to easily schedule classes and services at Republic Fitness.

HWX Digital Studio App

Access thousands of Livestream and On Demand HWX and Les Mills classes.

I already have a Trainerize app. Can I use that one for Republic Fitness and Coach?

No. You will need to create a new login using a different email address with the Healthworks + Republic Fitness App.

Can I link Myzone to the Healthworks + Republic Fitness app?

Unfortunately not at this time. Garmin, Apple Watches and other wearable devices will sync with Myzone.

How do I link my wearable device?

Click on the 3 dots at the bottom right of your app and scroll down to “Connect” then choose the appropriate device. 

Can my trainer see my personal stats on my wearable device?

Yes. Your trainer is able to see anything that is loaded from your wearable device to the app with Coach, including sleep tracking, etc.

Can I create my own strength program in Coach?

No. If you would like a personalized strength program in Coach, please reach out to your personal trainer or fitness director for a consultation.

Why can't I log my own strength workout?

The activity icon is primarily for cardiovascular activity. However, you can log a timed strength workout under “General.”  

Can I adjust what I see under my progress?

Yes. Click on the gear next to “My Progress” and adjust your widgets or hide widgets.

Are you going to be adding more on-demand workouts to Coach?

Yes! More on-demand workouts are coming soon to Coach.

Do I have to take a photo of my meal to log my food?

No. When adding a meal the app will default to a camera feature. You can skip this by hitting “Skip Photo” in the bottom right of the screen.

Is the sleep tracker linked to a wearable device?

If your wearable device tracks sleep, it will connect to the app. 

Can I pay for a personal program to be added to my account?

Unfortunately, not at this time. You can update your payment methods, session balance and view your payment history in your profile.