Corporate Partnerships

You have a corporate wellness program because you need a healthier workforce. You want to build a strong community, to keep insurance premiums down, and inspire people to reap the benefits of an active lifestyle.

The problem is, despite the discounts or reimbursements you’re providing, nothing is really changing. The needle isn’t moving on active lifestyles and its benefits in your office.

At Republic Fitness voted “Best Gym” by Improper Bostonian, we offer you a comprehensive program that will improve the lives of your workforce. We are doing just that for 200+ partner organizations already. When we become your partner, we extend special rates and provide on and off-site wellness programming at preferred rates.

We have both the benefit and the challenge of high-performing working professionals trusting us with their time and their bodies. There is no singular problem we’re trying to solve for our members.

We’ve risen to this challenge by considering all of the factors needed to turn a fitness club into a second home.

Commitment to Excellence
Your workforce crushes every aspect of life and expects us to do the same. From beautifully designed and always clean spaces to state of the art equipment, it is our personal mission to deliver an optimal fitness experience.

Group Fitness
Your workforce will experience passionate instructors and a range of classes including Athletic Conditioning, Strength, Yoga, and Dance.

Personal Training
Take the guesswork out of fitness and work with our award winning and nationally certified personal trainers for better confidence, better form, and better results.

We are more than a place to get fit. Our members connect through their love of fitness and push each other to become stronger every day.

On and Off-Site Corporate Wellness Programming
If you already have programming, classes, or workshops, we are able to work with you to enhance what you already have available. If you need a little help, we have multiple wellness programs that will instantly make a difference in the lives of your employees. We provide 2 complementary events per year.

  • Company Challenges: Whether it’s weight loss, check-ins or Myzone MEPs or “points” using a Myzone heart rate monitor, setup a challenge to engage your employees and keep the friendly competition alive and well in the office
  • Lunch and Learn: we pick a topic important to your team and bring our experts to present
  • In-club InBody® evaluations calculate body weight, lean mass, and fat mass so employees know exactly where they are starting
  • Theragun Recovery: we bring Theraguns right to you your office, and you’re the hero for the day

Corporate Partnership Options

Tier 1

Simple Rate Partnership: our introductory corporate discount option. We will provide a base discount, determined by the number of people within your organization, to your employees. This option is no cost to your organization.

Tier 3

Subsidy Partnership: our highest corporate discount option. We will provide a base discount plus a percentage match of any fitness subsidy you provide to your employees, beyond what is available to them via their insurance provider.


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