Personal Training

Currently we are offering limited in-club personal training as well as remote training for those looking to continue to train from the comfort of your home. Your first session with a trainer is complimentary, as are our new Accountability Coaching and Strength Box Strategy offerings. To learn more about our personal training options and be matched with a trainer, please fill out the form or email [email protected]

Named “Best Trainers in Boston,” our seasoned personal training staff is ready to create a game plan for you to achieve all of your fitness goals. Whether you’re starting from scratch and need to build a foundation or you feel stuck in limbo and want to be pushed to your limits, our trainers will inspire and motivate you to accomplish what you set out to do with customized workouts tailored specifically to your needs.

Our Trainers

Tier 1 Personal Trainers, develop client programming specific to the needs of each individual. Provide the foundations of fitness with a focus on progression.

Tier 2 Personal Trainers are seasoned professionals with 3+ years of experience develop programming for those with injuries and health limitations. Recovering from an injury, looking for pre/post natal training or progressing to your next level of fitness.

With advanced skill, multiple certifications and 5+ years of experience. Capable of training clients at any level. If you have a medical condition or physical limitation, you may feel more comfortable partnering with a tier III trainer. Additionally, our level III trainers can help you prepare for any event or race.

Highly trained and experienced Certified Professional Trainers with 8+ years of experience. In addition to their commitment to our members, our tier IV trainers provide mentorship and education for our team of Personal Trainers.

Lindsey C

Fitness Director

Education and Certifications

B.A. Health and Sports Studies, Entrepreneurial Management, The University of Iowa Certified Personal Trainer, National Academy of Sports Medicine MMA Conditioning Specialist, National Academy of Sports Medicine teamTRAIN, Kettlebells, Pre/Post-Natal, Assisted Stretching

Areas of Expertise

Strength and Conditioning, Combat Sport Strength Training, Functional Training, Weight Loss, Stabilization Training, Achievable Lifestyle Changes for Healthier Living


Helping members and clients reach their goals is my number one priority. We all have challenges to overcome and setting attainable short and long-term goals is the key to success. By creating a structured and individualized plan, together we can achieve the healthy lifestyle you’ve been searching for!

Client Testimonial

“I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart, Lindsey. You are an amazing person who has made me feel so comfortable and determined to reach my goals not only in the gym but in life. I feel truly blessed to have you as my trainer.” – D.B.

Tom S

Tier III Personal Trainer

Education and Certifications

BS in Biology with a focus in Physiology from the University of New Hampshire; certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist from the National Strength and Conditioning Association (CSCS).


Strength and conditioning, muscle growth, fat loss, performance enhancement, corrective exercise, core and spin stability development, athletics.

Training Philosophy

Everyone has unique life experiences, backgrounds, and fitness goals. So each person needs a program customized to his or her objectives — a dynamic routine that will grow and adapt as one progresses towards their own specific goals. Your transformation can be achieved through science-based methods in both exercise and nutrition, and consistency in maintaining these ideas.


“I highly recommend Tom as a personal trainer. Since I began working with him several months ago, I feel great with more energy. He has put together a solid and creative workout plan that clearly demonstrates his knowledge. Furthermore, he is enthusiastic and fun to work with which makes the workouts enjoyable.” -NE

Josh M

Tier II Personal Trainer

Education and Certifications

M.S. Exercise and Sports Science, Merrimack College;
Certified Strength and Conditioning Coach (CSCS), National Strength & Conditioning Association


Strength & Power Training, Hypertrophy, Plyometrics, Functional Training, Weight Loss

Training Philosophy

With exercise prescription, I believe variety is the spice of life. The human body is amazing in the way it adapts to its surrounding environment. Exercise puts an amazing amount of stress on the body, and over time the body learns to handle that same stress. Exercise should never be too easy; if it is, something must change. If it is too easy, there is no stress on the body, and there will be no adaptation. The best trainers implement constant progressions and variations in exercise and intensity. Through proper guidance in exercise structure and variation, we can continuously progress our performance and health.

Kalin F

Tier II Personal Trainer

Education and Certifications

Bachelor’s Degree, Sport and Fitness Administration/Management National Sport Academy ISSA, TRX Ripped, Pre/Post/Natal Client, Kettlebell Certified, Bulgarian Bag

Areas Of Expertise

Strength Training, Hypertrophy, Functional Movement Training, Bulgarian Bag, Weight Loss, Kettlebell, Bodybuilding Contest Preparation

Training Philosophy

Results don't appear overnight. In my 10 years of fitness experience, I have experienced and implemented many different methods of training. My education and research on how to achieve various fitness goals and physiques has helped me to assist in improving the lives of others. My best advice to people is to keep it simple. The basics can generate incredible results, and consistency is key! I look forward to helping you achieve your fitness goals!

Khalil M

Tier II Personal Trainer

Education and Certifications

National Academy of Sports Medicine Certified Personal Trainer

Areas Of Expertise

Strength and Conditioning, Weight Loss, Functional Training, Cardiovascular Fitness

Training Philosophy

I am a huge believer of functionality over the aesthetic. My view is that no matter where you are in your fitness journey you can always be healthier, get stronger, and feel more confident. I take pride in helping and motivating others to meet and exceed their goals.

Peter L

Tier I Personal Trainer

B.S. Exercise Science
M.S. Health and Wellness Management
ACE Certified Personal Trainer
Strength and Conditioning, Hypertrophy, Functional Movement, Injury Prevention, Corrective Exercise, Pain Management, and Weight Management
I believe that functional movement and hard work ethic can help anyone reach their health and fitness goals. I have a background in training beginners as well as the seasoned athlete. I believe it is important to constantly reassess the body to make sure we are on track to reach our goals. As a team we must work together as a well-oiled machine in order to achieve our progressions. Stressing the importance of functional movement over just heavy weight, making sure that the body adapts efficiently and effectively to avoid injury and reach your goals is my priority.