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April Membership Billing Update

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Thank you for the outpouring of messages and choosing to stick with us in April! As you know we have temporarily closed our doors due to Covid-19. It has truly meant the world to the entire team to hear your positive messages and see many of you engage with our new Virtual Membership and HWX Programs. 

As we previously communicated, we are offering all members a few options during our closure.

Option 1: Stay active with us and support us and our team in this crisis by continue to pay your regular membership dues

Option 2: Switch to a Virtual Membership

Reduce your membership dues payment to $15 bi-weekly or $30 monthly (depending on your plan) and maintain a Virtual Membership!

If you would like to downgrade to a Virtual Membership please fill out this form.

Option 3: Temporarily freeze your membership for no fee

We know that many of you may be struggling so we are happy to pause your billing if needed. Please consider sticking with us at the Virtual Membership level.

If you would like to freeze your membership completely at this time, please fill out this form.

Although we did our best to communicate all available options throughout the month of March, we know that some members may have missed the opportunity to freeze their membership in April. If you were billed fully and did not intend to keep your membership active, please complete a credit request.

Please know that if you have already frozen your membership or requested a freeze, rest assured we will continue the freeze until we reopen and not reactivate your membership early.

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Ways to Save: Health Insurance Reimbursement

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If you haven’t already, don’t forget to submit your 2019 health insurance reimbursement by the end of March to your insurance company. Reward yourself with up to $300 in reimbursement for working out at Republic. We make it easy for our members to save! We have provided links to major insurance provider’s reimbursement forms and directions here.

For those Massachusetts plans that require a receipt or contract, the process is listed below:

For access to your receipt history:

1) Log into the member portal
2) Go to My Account
3) See the left navigation for Payment History to obtain a receipt

For access to your contract:

1) Go to My Agreement Information
2) Click on Documents
3) “Previous Motionsoft Document”  is a copy of your contract form
If you are a part of AllWays Healthcare, please let us know and we will share additional info with you.
post workout recovery

[Video] The Best Steps for Post-Workout Recovery

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How beat you feel depends a lot on your current level of conditioning and how hard you’ve pushed yourself. High-intensity training, or training lasting over an hour, will definitely have you walking funny and dreading sneezing for a few days. If you’re feeling so sore that it’s affecting your next workout, or even affecting your quality of life, try taking these steps below to boost your recovery.

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