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Holiday Hours

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  • 12/6: Closes at 6 PM (classes cancelled after 4 PM)
  • 12/24: Closes at 4PM (modified class schedule)
  • 12/25: Closed
  • 12/26: Open at 8 AM
  • 12/31: Close at 4PM
  • 1/1: 8am – 2:00pm
  • 1/2: Open at Normal Time
post workout recovery

[Video] The Best Steps for Post-Workout Recovery

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How beat you feel depends a lot on your current level of conditioning and how hard you’ve pushed yourself. High-intensity training, or training lasting over an hour, will definitely have you walking funny and dreading sneezing for a few days. If you’re feeling so sore that it’s affecting your next workout, or even affecting your quality of life, try taking these steps below to boost your recovery.

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