More and more, people are focusing on improving diet and physical health to keep up with today’s hectic pace. However, there is another pillar of this foundation of health that many are neglecting to “get ahead” and that’s, sleep.
Sleep isn’t just for the lazy. Improving the quality of your sleep will provide benefits like improved mood, focus, and physical health.

4 Hacks For Ending Your Day Strong and Catching ‘Dem Zs

1) Meditation & Reflection

Unwinding from your day is extremely important if quality sleep is your goal. Often we go to bed plagued by thoughts about our jobs, relationships, finances, and who’s going to make it out alive in the next episode of Game of Thrones.

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sleepTake time to write down your reflections and thoughts of the day to slow down that mouse on a wheel that is your brain. Following this task with 10 minutes of quiet meditation will also help you to reach a relaxed state of focus, setting you up for a perfect night’s sleep.

2) Black Out Your Room

Having a dark room (i.e. no computer, smart phone, tablet…you get the picture) will help your body realize it’s now time for rest. This reduces cortisol secretion and ramps up melatonin (the hormone responsible for sleep).

3) Sleepy Time Drink (Tim Ferris Drink)

Best-selling author and blog hacker, Tim Ferriss has a pretty good routine laid out for promoting relaxation. Unfortunately, not all of us have access to the facilities Tim has at home; however the tea recipe he outlines at the beginning of this video is definitely accessible to all.

4) Keep Cool

Studies have shown that a bedroom with a temperature of about 60 to 67 degrees not only prepares the body for sleep; it also improves sleep quality as well. Your body will naturally try to cool your temperature as you sleep. Providing it with a helping hand, by cooling down your bedroom, will enable it to dedicate more of its resources into your recovery.

4 Things to Avoid to Improve the Quality of Your Sleep

What you don’t do before bed is just as important as the things you should do. So, for successful rest, it’s important you also consider the following traps that are sabotaging your journey to sleepy town.

  • Avoid Tasks That Require Problem Solving at Night
  • Avoid Artificial Light from Digital Devices like TVs, Phones & Tablets
  • Avoid Stimulants like Coffee and Hot Chilli in the afternoon
  • Avoid Sleeping Pills and Melatonin Supplementation, As They May Cause You To Develop a Dependence