Myzone is the wearable technology to track your workouts and heart rate that our Republic Fitness trainers can’t recommend enough! Myzone technology comes in two different variables, both available for purchase at our club – the Myzone belt, which is worn around your chest and the M-Z Switch, the world’s first heart rate monitor that can be worn interchangeably on your chest, arm or wrist.

What’s unique about Myzone, is that the device doesn’t measure speed, cadence, or weight lifted. It measures the effort put in by you, which are called Myzone MEPs, tracked in multiple different color zones. This gives you instant feedback and workout motivation, allowing for immediate adjustments to your workout intensity, helping to keep you motivated and moving.

Here are 5 incredible benefits of working out with Myzone:

  • Optimized Workouts – by tracking your heart rate and MEPs, you’ll directly see your effort and results, allowing you to scale up or down as needed for the best results
  • Customized Workouts – heart rate data can help create personalized workout plans that cater to your unique fitness level and goals, allowing you to continually improve your fitness level while still serving your own needs and preferences
  • Tracked Progress – your Myzone app makes it easy track your progress over time, giving you a clear picture of how your fitness is improving, one MEP at a time
  • Increased Motivation – seeing your heart rate and progress in real-time is a great way to encourage you to push your limits. Whether your focus is fitness tracking specifically, or just overall health goals, this provides an incredible motivation boost for increased results
  • Catered to YOU – monitoring your heart rate helps in understanding how your body responds to different workouts and activity. Your body’s response will adapt over time and your Myzone device will adjust accordingly so you’re always raising the bar to benefit from any workouts you do and for your overall health awareness

Want to learn more or purchase a device? Email our clubs’ General Manager and Fitness Director, Britney Marenna, here.