In some circles, a great debate is brewing. Which is best in the morning; coffee, matcha or yerba mate? Studies suggest there might not be much of an argument here, since these three drinks have similar benefits.

The answer comes down to taste, time and budget. Coffee is made from coffee beans. Matcha is ground green tea leaves. Yerba Mate is also a tea made from the leaves and twigs of a plant called lex paraguariensis.

Explore what each has to offer and decide what will go in your morning mug!

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The Great Debate: Coffee, Matcha or Yerba Mate?

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Coffee is a go-to drink for more than 80-percent of American adults according to a 2013 survey. You can make it by the cupful or brew it in a machine. It can be cheap (often free!) or expensive (ahem…civet coffee can cost $700 per kilogram)!

Some of the benefits of a cup of coffee are…
– Boosted short-term memory and focus. Some studies suggest the caffeine in coffee might help slow cognitive decline.
– Caffeinated coffee enhances exercise performance by fighting fatigue and making muscle contractions more powerful!
– Antioxidants provide relief from inflammation
– Coffee compounds might help your cardiovascular system and liver function.
– Black coffee can help regulate blood sugar.

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Yerba Mate

Making yerba mate can be a multi-step process that involves a special cup and straw. Or, you can make it in a coffee press or machine with the understanding that it might taste a little different when the traditional steps are skipped. There are reasons why this traditional South American drink has migrated north.

Yerba mate has…
– Properties that can lower cholesterol and help regulate blood sugar.
– Caffeine that acts as a stimulant and helps brain and body resist fatigue.
– Antioxidants and immune boosting compounds that help fight certain infections, disease and parasites (e-coli and more).
– Saponin and small amounts of Vitamins C & E and other nutrients that help decrease inflammation and give the immune system a boost.

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Matcha is more potent than steeped green tea because you consume the whole leaves when you drink it. It’s simple to make. Just whisk matcha powder together with hot water. Matcha powder can be used as an ingredient in other foods like smoothies, shakes and ice cream.

Check out the benefits to see if you want to make matcha a staple in your kitchen…
– Matcha has caffeine, like coffee and yerba mate. So, it can boost mood, enhance focus and improve reaction time. BUT, matcha also has L-theanine which provides protection against a “caffeine crash.”
– Fiber improves digestion.
– Catechins have an antioxidant effect.
– Matcha is a natural detoxifier and anti-inflammatory.
– It could protect your liver.
– It has Chlorophyll, Vitamin C, Selenium and other nutrients for your immune system.
– Like coffee and yerba mate, matcha lowers cholesterol and blood sugar.

If you try all three and can’t find your perfect cup of tea (or coffee), don’t worry! Studies show simply holding a warm mug and sipping a warm drink of any kind, even water, can boost your mood and fight fatigue.


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