5 Morning Rituals Done By Highly Successful People

Wonder what successful people do early in the morning? Here are 5 common trends:

1. Wake Up Super Early

It’s empowering to get up earlier than anyone else around you. Plus, waking up earlier gives you more time and personal space in your day to recharge and refocus.
Yes, you may need to go to bed earlier, but what’s more important: 60 minutes of television at the end of your day, or 60 minutes of inspiration at the start of it?

“The more we focus on gratitude, the more fulfilled, satisfied, and poised for opportunity we will be.”

2. Create a Morning Ritual

Many successful people do inspiring, energizing, and enjoyable tasks in the morning. That way, they’ll leave the house feeling focused, not frazzled. Popular morning rituals include cold showers, meditation, journaling, and vision board gazing.

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3. Get Your Exercise Done

Many successful people work out early in the a.m. Why? Morning exercise:

  • Wakes you up and gives you energy
  • Gets the blood flowing, which can improve your mood, mental focus, and clarity.
  • May help you burn fat faster
  • Mitigates the temptation to skip a workout later on when the day gets crazy

Take Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, for example. One of the highest paid actors in Hollywood wakes up at the crack of dawn (no matter what), to get in his morning reps.. And he swears by it! Check out his routine and crazy protein-packed breakfasts here.

4. Reflect on Gratitude

What if your first thought every day was, “What a beautiful day to be alive!” The more we focus on gratitude, the more fulfilled, satisfied, and poised for opportunity we will be. To help start your day with an “attitude of gratitude,” jot down your thoughts of thanks giving in a journal, or sharing them with your family over coffee.

5. Tackle the Mountain First

Successful people prioritize the one action step that can make all their other tasks easier or irrelevant.
So, ask yourself: “If I did nothing else today, what one thing would still leave me feeling accomplished?” Then, tackle it as soon as you can (will power is usually higher in the morning). This frees up cognitive energy so you can approach the rest of your day with more confidence and poise.

Got any other morning tips of your own? Let us know about them!



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