Create your own circuit workout. It’s easy! An effective circuit workout challenges all major muscle groups, including your heart. You can develop endurance and strength by minimizing rest periods between stops. Circuits don’t have to involve a ton of equipment, time or space. Instead of moving to stations, you can stay in one place and work in interval blocks if you choose.

A cardio/strength circuit includes cardio bouts punctuated by strength moves. Another alternative is to do a total strength circuit in which you alternate between upper and lower body challenges. That’s the beauty of circuits. The only rules are to choose a variety of exercises that suit your goals and to commit to doing those movements during a short time span (often 1-3 minutes).

All you need for the 20-minute Bodyweight Step Circuit workout below is an aerobic step. Each of the four blocks lasts 5 minutes. You’ll spend 3 minutes on each cardio drill, followed by 2 minutes on each strength movement.

For a complete workout, warm-up for 7-10 minutes and stretch at the end for 5-10 minutes.

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Try This 20-Minute Bodyweight Step Circuit

Block 1:

Basic Step Up. Step onto the platform right-left 8 times, making sure your entire foot, heel to toe, comes up on the platform. Step down softly, toe to heel. Switch legs after 8 steps on a side. Continue for 3 minutes, increasing your pace if desired.

Feet Up Push-ups. Place your feet on the bench and get into a plank. Do 30 slow push-ups. Rest when you need to in order to complete the set within 2 minutes.

circuit step-up

Block 2:

Toe Taps. Stand in front of the step and start tapping right toe up, then left. Start slow, then speed up, going as fast as you can for 15 seconds. Recover for 15 seconds, repeat. 3 minutes total.

Lifted Lunges. Place your left foot on the step. Then, turn away from the step so your right foot is now in front of you. Do 30 lunges. Then do 30 lunges with your right foot on the step and your left foot front.

Block 3:

Over the Top. Stand next to the step. Go up-up, down-down over the top. 3 min.

Tricep Dips. Sit on the step. Place your palms on the step with your fingertips facing your body. Lift your rear end off of the platform. Bend and straighten your elbows to execute tricep dips for 2 minutes.

Block 4:

Up Jack/Down Jack. Face the step and do a basic step onto the bench with your right foot followed by one jumping jack on the bench. Step down to the ground and do a jumping jack. Then, step up left and jack. Repeat for 3 min.

One Hand Up Push-Ups. Get into a plank with your right hand on step and your left on the ground. Do 20 push-ups. Do 20 with your left hand on the bench.


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