If you want to feel strong and centered, try a Pilates and yoga-inspired flow to kick-off your day. Combining full-body Pilates and yoga movements into flowing sequences can provide you with a thorough cardio, strength and flexibility workout that is so efficient you might not realize how tough it is until you’re done.

The three blocks that follow will get your heart pumping and work your muscles and your mind. Do each block once, then return to the beginning to repeat Blocks 1, 2 and 3 a few times if you want. Or, repeat each block three times before moving on to the next. Or, you could even choose one block to do in the morning, one at noon and one at night so Pilates and Yoga can help you rule the day! There’s no equipment needed, so no excuses. Put on some good music and get started.

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The 3 Pilates-Yoga Sets You Can Do Anywhere

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Start each block in Mountain Pose.

Set 1: Souped-Up Sun Salutation

– Start in Mountain Pose and move to Forward Bend with your hands on the floor.
Hop or walk back to plank. Chaturanga to cobra or upward facing dog.
Shift to downward dog and then plank. Hop or walk feet forward.

Stand tall in Mountain Pose

– 4 Alternating Lunges (Step into Warrior 1, but let the back toe point forward. Bend your back knee to execute a moving lunge. Come back to standing and repeat on the other side.)

Come back to Mountain Pose with feet close together.

– 4 Chair pose Squats.

Set 2: Plié Power & Rockin’ Lunges

This is where dance-influenced Pilates comes in. Take your feet wider than your shoulders. Point your toes toward the side walls. Move your arms gracefully as you do…

– 4 Pliés with both heels on the ground.
– 2 Pliés with right heel lifted.
– 2 Pliés with left heel lifted.
– 4 Pliés with both heels lifted
– 4 Pliés with both heels down.

Keep your heels down and your feet wide.

– 4 Side-to-side Rocking Lunges. Extend your arms shoulder height to reach out toward the walls on your right and left.

Set 3: Squats, Planks & Push-ups

Take a deep breath and brace yourself. (Literally, keep your core braced throughout this challenge!)

Start in Mountain Pose.

– 4 Chair Pose Squats with feet shoulder-width apart.
– 4 Supported Forward Bend-and-Straightens. Place your hands on the ground so you are in a supported forward bend. Then, bend and straighten your legs 4 times.
– Hop or walk both feet back to plank.

Hold Plank 4 counts.

– 4 Up and Down Planks.

Hold Plank 4 counts.

– 4 Tricep Push-ups.

Hold plank 4 counts.

– Press back to Downward Dog.
– Shift back to Plank
– 2 wide armed push-ups.
– Repeat the DownDog Push-up 4 times.

Hop or walk back to standing.


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