Whether you’re cooking for one or for many, whipping up a well-balanced meal doesn’t have to be onerous. Here are two healthy recipes that are quick to create and to clean-up. Make the Packet Salmon with Potatoes and Asparagus for a complete meal that’s rich in Omega 3 fatty acids, protein, potassium, folate, and vitamins one day. Then, with minimal work the next day, create a Single Skillet Frittata using leftovers (if there are any) from the night before.

2 Healthy Recipes You Can Make and Clean Up in a Jiffy

1) Packet Salmon with Potatoes and Asparagus

healthy recipes quickIngredients:
½-1 tablespoon olive oil
1 clove crushed garlic
1 tablespoon lemon juice
1 medium potato sliced into super thin discs
6 spears of asparagus
6-ounce salmon fillet
tarragon, dill, black pepper, salt
1 sheet aluminum foil


· Preheat oven to 400-degrees.
· Mix olive oil, garlic, and salt to taste.
· Rub potatoes, salmon, and asparagus with the olive oil mixture.
· Place the potatoes in the middle of the foil sheet.
· Place salmon on top of the potatoes.
· Pour lemon juice over the salmon.
· Place asparagus spears on top of salmon.
· Sprinkle with tarragon, dill and black pepper to taste.
· Fold and seal the foil.
· Bake 25-30 min. or until done.

Unwrap. Eat. Recycle the foil! Clean-up has never been quicker. *This serves one

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2) Single Skillet Frittata

Frittatas render all the goodness of quiche with less work. This crustless egg pie can be as well-rounded a meal as you make it, providing protein and a host of vitamins. You can put anything savory into a frittata! It’s a quick, elegant way to incorporate leftover veggies, fish, lean meat and cheese into a fresh dish.

healthy recipes quickIngredients:
5 eggs
1-2 tablespoon olive oil or butter
1 tablespoon milk if desired (optional)
1/3 cup grated cheese, any type (optional)
¼ cup or more diced vegetables to sauté like bell peppers, onion, asparagus, mushroom, spinach and other diced cold items like black olives, chives, capers, salmon


· Select an oven safe skillet. Cast iron works great.
· Sauté veggies in the olive oil/butter.
· Remove veggies from skillet with slotted spoon.
· Make sure remaining oil/butter coats the sides of the skillet.
· Whisk eggs in a bowl. Whisk in milk (optional).
· Add salt and pepper to taste.
· Add veggies, other diced items, and cheese to egg mixture. Mix lightly.
· Heat skillet on medium flame.
· Pour egg mixture into skillet.
· Let cook several minutes until bottom starts to set.
· Once the bottom has started to set, slide the skillet into the broiler for a few minutes until
the top sets. Keep an eye on it! This should only take 5-10 minutes.
· Remove from broiler.
· Use a knife to loosen the sides.
· Carefully flip frittata onto a serving plate or cut it in slices and serve like a pie.

Enjoy the frittata and the single skillet clean-up! If you have leftovers, don’t worry. Frittatas taste great next day hot or cold. Serves 4.


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