You’ve worked hard to establish a new lifestyle. But now you’re starting to wonder if this is “it.” Are you stuck? You might be starting to feel a little dissatisfied that you haven’t seen any significant changes in your fitness level recently. You wonder if you’ve hit a dreaded “plateau.”

While some might see a plateau as a marker of doom, it’s quite the opposite according to fitness expert Jonathan Ross. A plateau simply means you’ve reached a flat spot where you can orient yourself and breathe. Look around and discover the new ground you’re on. You can set your sites on the vista ahead. It is a time to reflect on the path that got you to this point and to gaze onward to define a new destination.

Whether you are trying to lose body fat, gain muscular strength, regain joint mobility or increase athletic performance there are simple things you can do to wake-up your mind, muscles, and metabolism to forge ahead.

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1) Find Out If You Are Overtraining

If you are eating healthy, sleeping right and still not seeing physical fitness gains- fewer workouts, not more, might be your friend. Overtraining stalls you in your tracks.

Fitness Plateaus2) Redefine Your Goal

You made it to stable ground. Appreciate it. You can do anything! What new goals are possible with the health and fitness base you’ve established?

3) Play a Little, Learn a Lot

Pick-up a new piece of equipment at the gym and see how exercises you know translate on a different apparatus. Try a new class. Go on an extra walk a week. Add an extra few pounds to the barbell. Pick-up an unfamiliar vegetable at the store and create something new. The same old, same old bores body, mind, and soul. Break a plateau with experimentation and play.

4) Make a Date

Schedule a time with a personal trainer (we have a few awesome ones!), fitness expert or nutritionist and explain your concerns. Chances are you are doing most things right. A pro can tell you how a slight tweak might make all the difference.

Keep in mind plateaus should not cause panic. They are a sign of everything you’ve done right! Praise the plateau. Then push on!