[Interview] Meet This Season’s TeamTRAINING teamMVP: Lynn

We sat down with last season’s teamMVP, Lynn, to get all of the details about her experience! She participated in a teamTRAINING season with David, another teamTRAINING season with Manny, as well as regularly dropping into Jackie’s teamTRAIN30 sessions! She has been a loyal teamTRAINING participant for several seasons and has been a great example of what makes teamTRAINING such a fun and effective program! Below we shared a few of her responses to our questions about her teamTRAINING experience.

Overall, how did this season go for you?

This was another successful season. I had fun and saw some positive results in my final InBody!

Did you encounter any obstacles, and if so, how did you overcome them?

I had an injury that slowed me down a bit, but I still managed to finish out the season and make progress towards my goals. Dave, Jackie, and Manny helped by providing modifications during training as well as providing strengthening and stretching homework exercises to speed up my recovery.

Were there any “highlights” of this season?

The combination of the teamTRAINING sessions coupled with Dave’s general nutrition tips set me on a healthier path, and I managed to lose a few pounds. I feel like the scale is finally heading in the right direction!
(*Despite her injuries, Lynn lost 3.5 lbs of body weight and 1.2% body fat over the 8 week season!)

What is it about teamTRAINING that makes you keep coming back?

For me, it’s the personalized attention, advice, and encouragement. Having team members also helps to keep me motivated and make the sessions a lot of fun!

Feel free to reach out to Jackie – [email protected] to get more information about our teamTRAINING program and how you get can in on the action today!



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