plyo- workout

The 20-Minute Post-Work Plyo Workout

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We understand that most of your days are jam-packed. Even still, it’s important (and totally possible!) to get in a great workout. Plyometrics are a form of high-intensity interval training, perfect for sneaking in a good sweat sesh after you get out of work.

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banana chia seed pudding

CHIA Pudding! Make it Overnight for a Fast, Filling Morning Meal

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Chia seeds are one of nature’s tiny treasures. The little black seeds provide huge health benefits and transform easily into an unbeatable breakfast. Chia seeds are full of Omega 3 fatty acids, fiber, antioxidants, protein, iron, magnesium, zinc, and calcium. The seeds come from a plant called Salvia hispanica that’s found in some deserts. It’s thought to be native to Central America and is related to mint.

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post workout recovery

[Video] The Best Steps for Post-Workout Recovery

By Reps

How beat you feel depends a lot on your current level of conditioning and how hard you’ve pushed yourself. High-intensity training, or training lasting over an hour, will definitely have you walking funny and dreading sneezing for a few days. If you’re feeling so sore that it’s affecting your next workout, or even affecting your quality of life, try taking these steps below to boost your recovery.

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Fitness Plateaus

Why You Should Praise Your Fitness Plateaus

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You’ve worked hard to establish a new lifestyle. But now you’re starting to wonder if this is “it.” Are you stuck? You might be starting to feel a little dissatisfied that you haven’t seen any significant changes in your fitness level recently. You wonder if you’ve hit a dreaded “plateau.”

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[Interview] Meet This Season’s TeamTRAINING teamMVP: Lynn

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We sat down with last season’s teamMVP, Lynn, to get all of the details about her experience! She participated in a teamTRAINING season with David, another teamTRAINING season with Manny, as well as regularly dropping into Jackie’s teamTRAIN30 sessions! She has been a loyal teamTRAINING participant for several seasons and has been a great example of what makes teamTRAINING such a fun and effective program! Below we shared a few of her responses to our questions about her teamTRAINING experience.

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