circuit workout

A Beginner’s Guide to Building a Workout Circuit

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If you want to infuse your day with a jolt of energy, try a Circuit Workout! The word circuit connotes completion and a total connection that ultimately renders energy. When you do a circuit workout and move from station to station to execute different movements without rest in between, you can get an electrifying head-to-toe cardio/strength challenge that can zap you out of a rut. Read More

holiday cookies

5 Ways to Stay Healthy When Your Office is Exploding With Christmas Cookies

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It’s cookie central in the break room and festive bowls of candy sit on every other desk. You feel like getting from your workspace to the water cooler while trying to avoid empty calories is like leaping across icy rooftops with Santa’s bag on your back. Take heart! The holidays do not have to be a fast track to automatic weight gain and unhealthy habits. There are ways to navigate your workplace this season without sliding off the wellness sled. Read More

pumpkin pie

This Is Not Your Grandma’s Pumpkin Pie! A Healthier Take on the Traditional Dessert

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Who doesn’t like pie? Pumpkin pie is the little something extra after a holiday meal that can satisfy your sweet tooth and mark the end to a special meal. But, if you’re health conscious you know the palate-pleasing sweetness and smooth texture doesn’t always come from the healthiest ingredients. The yummy news is that there are easy changes you can make to a classic pumpkin pie to bring it into the modern world so it reflects what we know today about health.
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local food trucks

Our 6 Favorite Local Food Trucks You Have to Try!

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Yes, we want you inside the gym working out. But, have you ever smelled the deliciousness in the air when you’ve stepped outside? There’s some serious fuel for your workouts in the form of fantastic food truck cuisine! From Asian flavors and Mexican favorites to vegetarian adventures and fusion fun, there’s a well-balanced meal or quick snack out there for every eater.

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mental strength

Stay In It to Win It! 6 Tips to Develop Mental Strength and Go the Distance

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It doesn’t make sense. You’re fit, but you keep freaking out and fighting the “I can’t do its” somewhere between the start and the finish line. You’ve done the physical prep it takes to be a fitness beast. But if you want to be a formidable contender, it might be time to focus on the mental aspects of endurance. Next time you seek to put foot to pavement, clip into a pedal or step onto a playing field, do your homework first!

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