mental toughness

How to Build Mental Strength

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Building mental toughness is an endeavor well worth your time: people who have “grit” are generally more capable of overcoming adversity, sticking with a tough problem until they find a solution to it, being courageous, and coping with and moving beyond failure in order to achieve their true goals. Read More

Farmers Walk

Carry Your Fitness to a Whole New Level with “The Farmer’s Walk”

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You don’t have to heed the rooster’s crow to reap the benefits of a Farmer’s Walk. Anyone can do this functional exercise anytime, anywhere to build strength to improve overall fitness and quality of life. The Farmer’s Walk, or Farmer’s Carry, is a basic move that builds foundational strength and has little risk of injury if you start slow, moving step-by-step. It can be a key component of any workout.

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protein overload

How Much Protein is TOO Much?

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You sip protein shakes in the morning. Eat a burger without fixings for lunch. You snack on turkey jerky and finish the day with a three meat salad with hard boiled eggs for dinner. You believe in the power of protein. Or maybe you don’t and are wondering if you should hop on the bandwagon. Why shouldn’t you? Read More