Top Standard of Safety for Our Clubs

We are grateful for your continued support while we temporarily closed our doors. While we are eagerly awaiting guidelines from state and local officials on when it will be safe and appropriate to reopen, our team is learning from and working with experts in the field to source and rollout hospitalgrade disinfecting equipment and protocols.

While every member of our team will be working to keep our clubs clean and sanitary, we need your support in creating the safest possible environment to enjoy. As a result, we are updating our club policies to set clear expectations for all.

The health and well-being of our members and staff remains our top priority. We cannot wait to see you all again.

Updated Club Polices

When we reopen our clubs, we are committed to ensuring the highest safety standards for our members and our team to return to a clean and safe environment. In doing so, we need your help. Below are a few additions to our Club Policies that we ask you to accept and follow when you visit the club.



I confirm I do not have any symptoms related to and have not been knowingly exposed to COVID-19.  I confirm that I have not had contact with a person who has or is suspected of having COVID-19. If the above status changes, I agree not to visit the club.


I agree to wear a mask when entering the club, in common spaces and any place where appropriate physical distancing cannot be maintained. I agree to comply with all local regulations related to wearing a mask while exercising indoors.


I will use best efforts to keep 6 feet between myself and other members or staff while in the club and follow staff recommendations for maintaining safe distances.
I agree to follow posted requirements regarding club flow, restricted areas, and room capacities.


I agree to disinfect all equipment before and after use. I agree to sanitize my hands upon entering the club and keep my hands washed/sanitized while at the club. 


I agree to make online reservations in advance for my club visits. I will adhere to the start and end time for these visits. 

Cleaning and Sanitizing

What are your disinfecting procedures and products?

While we have always prioritized cleanliness, we have used the time of our temporary closure to source advanced hospitalgrade cleaners, disinfectants and equipment and train our teams in the proper usage.

All team members will continually clean and disinfect while in the club. All high touch areas will be disinfected hourly and every surface in the club will be disinfected twice daily.

All disinfecting products are medicalgrade and are shown effective in EPA listings related to COVID and other viruses. We will also be rolling out electrostatic back-pack sprayers. An electrostatically charged mist allows us to completely and safely reach all surfaces, including many-shaped objects and hard to reach locations with hospital-grade disinfectant.

We have designed our gym schedule and hours of operation to allow for transition time between reservation blocks and closure time so thorough cleaning can occur.

We ask that all members disinfect equipment after each use. Staff will be available to help and educate members on proper disinfection. We are also providing extra sanitizing wipes and hand sanitizer.

All staff have completed our enhanced staff training to ensure they understand the cleaning expectations and have knowledge around all products used in our clubs. 

We have replaced standard hand dryers with paper towel stations in all available bathrooms. 

Group Fitness Equipment

Our team will be disinfecting all Group Fitness Equipment between each class to ensure the safest possible class. To facilitate this, we will be requiring all members to sign up for classes in advance and will be scheduling a minimum 30-minute gap between classes.

Hand Sanitizer

We have sourced a large quantity of 70% and 80% Ethyl Alcohol hand sanitizer above and beyond the CDC’s guidelines of 60%. We will also have touchless dispensers everywhere in the club. Members and Staff will be required to use it when entering the club and are encouraged to use it regularly.

Disinfectant Wipes

Members are asked to disinfect equipment before and after each use with our supplied disinfectant wipes. Our wipes are EPA approved and a proven “one step” disinfectant cleaner which is effective in the presence of 5% serum contamination.

Club Operations

What are the hours of operation?

To ensure the safest possible environment for our members and staff, we will be limiting club hours upon initial reopening. We will communicate the hours once we have a better understanding of our opening date.

Will you offer special hours for those at High Risk? 

Yes! We will close and completely clean and disinfect the club early each afternoon. The first afternoon time slot of gym time and classes will be reserved for members who are considered high risk.

How many members are allowed in the gym at the same time?

We will be limiting the number of members in the club at any given time. We ask that all members register on our web site or through our app for either general Gym Time or a specific class. We will not be able to accommodate drop in visits at this time. 

Which amenities are not available yet?

Locker rooms and showers will not be available when we initially open.  

We will not provide sweat towels or bath towels; changing and showering will not be allowed. Alternate restrooms will be provided. 

Where can I store my belongings during my visit?

Our locker rooms will remain closed during our initial re-opening.  We ask that members only bring what they can fit in one bag when coming to the club and keep the bag with you at all times. Please keep your belongings in the bag while in the club to reduce floor clutter and ensure a safe space for everyone.  We will no longer offer a lost and found.

Will Massage Therapy and Assisted Stretching services be available? 

As physical distancing is the most important factor is controlling the spread of COVID-19, we will not offer Massage Therapy or Assisted Stretching during our initial re-opening phases. 

Will Personal Training be available? 

Personal Training will continue to be delivered remotely. Members are welcome to visit the club and work with their trainer remotely. If you are not currently training, but are interested in a remote session, please visit this page and fill out the form. A member of our team will be in touch to schedule you a complimentary session. 

Do I need to wear a face mask while working out?

Members must wear a mask when entering the club, in common spaces and any place where appropriate physical distancing cannot be maintained. We are awaiting guidance from local officials on whether masks will be required or recommended, while exercising in a gym with appropriate physical distancing measures in place. Please plan to comply with local, state or federal guidelines which may require you to bring and wear your own mask while in certain areas of the club/property.

All Republic team members will be wearing face masks. 

What are your physical distancing guidelines while in the club?

We are asking all members to maintain a 6-foot distance between themselves and others in the club. Republic has implemented procedures to help ensure these distancing guidelines are respected including visual reminders, area closures, and staff to monitor and enforce these rules. 

Any other items to consider before my first visit? 

Yes! We are updating many aspects of the club experience. In addition to closed areas, you may experience a change with member check in and club traffic. We have also closed our club water fountains as proper disinfection between use is challenging. We encourage all members to bring their own full water bottles and sweat towels. 

Can I use a guest pass to visit the gym?

Guest passes are not allowed during our initial reopening. Active membership will be required for club reservations and access.

Are you closing drinking fountains?

Bottle fillers will be available; however water fountains will be closed.


All fans in the club will be removed and or disconnected.


Will you offer classes?

Yes! We plan to offer members the opportunity to experience Republic classes. We will enforce physical distancing of 10 feet in our classes and all equipment will be disinfected between classes. We will require advanced registration for all classes. 

During the initial reopening phase, many of our classes will be virtual, with live classes added back in-club over time.

Will Virtual Classes Continue after you reopen? 

Yes! We will continue to offer virtual classes for those that are not able to visit our clubs.

How will you keep the studios and equipment clean?

Our team will set up for each class and completely disinfect all equipment after each class.

What is the class capacity?

Class capacity will be limited to ensure appropriate physical distancing. We ask each member to stay in their designated workout area during each class.

To ensure appropriate space, all members must register for classes in advance through our web site or app.


All fans in the club and group fitness studios will be disconnected. Please do not reconnect them or attempt to turn them on.

Membership Billing

When are you going to bill me my monthly fees?

Republic will unfreeze all memberships and resume normal billing when your home club reopens. We are happy to extend your no billing freeze or virtual only membership if you do not feel comfortable coming in the club to start. When we have a more concreate opening date, we will share an online form which you may use to extend your freeze.

Can I put a temporary freeze on my account?

Yes! We realize that the COVID-19 pandemic has created unforeseen circumstances for many people, so we want to make sure that you know you can freeze your account for no cost for up to three months after our re-opening.  

When will Republic be open?

With the health and safety of our communities at the heart of everything we do, we will work with local, state and federal officials to determine the best path to re-opening our clubs. Once plans are in place, we will notify all members via e-mail.