Kettlebells? Check. Dumbbells? Check. Rowers and jump ropes? Check and check. You know your way around the weight room. But, have you discovered the smooth magic the Prowler Sled can work on you? Even if you don’t recognize the name, it’s likely you’ve seen some version of this power strength training staple on an athletic field and maybe even in the gym.

A Prowler Sled is low to the ground but has handles that come up to waist height or higher. Prowlers have flat surfaces on which you can stack weight plates to increase resistance.

The nice thing about it is that you’re kept upright. This means that you can push it using the same muscles and the same form you employ while running. You can also harness yourself to it and pull it behind you or even laterally! In short, you can work in various planes of direction with a prowler, which means you can use it to strengthen your entire body.

Pushing and pulling the prowler builds muscular endurance and improves performance in any sport. In addition, you can generate explosive force and push or pull the prowler in short bursts to develop power and speed to boost athleticism.

When starting out, try moving the sled without any weight for 30 yards. Perfect your form in all planes of direction before you tackle additional resistance. Start with slow, steady movements and remember that the basic movement mimics running to some extent when you’re moving forward or backward. That means your feet should be the same width apart that they are when you run, and you should focus on making sure your entire foot is engaged.

Once You’ve Mastered these 3 Basic Prowler Drills Below, Try Adding Weight to the Sled:

(Psst. Experiment with speed, too. Just make sure any speed work is completed with adequate rest between efforts.)

1) Prowler Push

Stand behind the sled and grab the bars with your palms facing each other. Lower your hips and stabilize your core. Push your feet down and back to propel forward while pushing the prowler. Your knees should come up toward your chest with every step.

2) Backward Prowler Pull

Attach straps to the sled. Face the prowler and grab the straps. Hold the straps about hip height as you move backward pulling the sled toward you.

3) Lateral Drag

Attach straps or a harness to the prowler. Grab the straps or hook into the harness. Turn so your side is to the sled. Bend your knees slightly and start taking steps to the side. Once you’ve built the skill, try shuffling to the side.

If you fall in love with the prowler sled and really want to impress, you could always build your own! “The Art of Manliness” has instructions that can teach you how to save a few bucks. Or, you could check out all the other exercises featured in this video by Redefining Strength that you can do with the prowler at Republic.

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