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eat veggies

6 Ways to Eat Your Veggies without Pouting or Holding Your Nose

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The mature adult in you knows it’s best to eat a variety of vegetables to maintain your youthful glow and kid-like energy. But, let’s get real. Sometimes the thought of a plain old carrot stick or a plate of broccoli makes you want to, well… WAAH, you just don’t wanna! Those are the times when you shouldn’t think twice about indulging the baby inside of you. Be your own doting parent and sneak some vegetables onto your plate by hiding them in something delicious. Read More

prowler sled

Equipment Highlight: The Power of the Prowler Sled!

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Kettlebells? Check. Dumbbells? Check. Rowers and jump ropes? Check and check. You know your way around the weight room. But, have you discovered the smooth magic the Prowler Sled can work on you? Even if you don’t recognize the name, it’s likely you’ve seen some version of this power strength training staple on an athletic field and maybe even in the gym.

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joyful movements

Find Good Ju-Ju with Joyful Movements

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Fitness is FUN!!! Or is it for you? Calling something “fun” doesn’t automatically make it feel like a party, does it? For many people, workouts feel more like work than anything else. If that’s the case, it’s definitely time to ditch the drudgery and focus on how joyful physical movement – whatever that might involve for you – can fuel your fitness.

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make cardio count

5 Ways to Make Your Cardio Count

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Beyond tallying up minutes, how can you make cardio count? The American College of Sports Medicine recommends getting 150 minutes of exercise of moderate intensity per week. That’s doable, you think. Is just hitting that number enough to keep you motivated when you’re strolling up to the treadmill for the umpteenth time this year? If you’re human, there will likely come a time when knowing a heart-pumping workout is simply “good for you” isn’t enough to keep you moving.

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Equipment Highlight: Kettlebell 101

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If you haven’t swung a kettlebell before, now’s the time! The funky looking fitness toy has been around for centuries for a reason. The concept of a kettlebell is simple. It is a heavy iron ball with a fixed handle on top. What really makes them special, though, is that using them regularly can yield unique results.  Read More

Get Your Sweat On: 20-Minute Bodyweight Step Circuit!

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Create your own circuit workout. It’s easy! An effective circuit workout challenges all major muscle groups, including your heart. You can develop endurance and strength by minimizing rest periods between stops. Circuits don’t have to involve a ton of equipment, time or space. Instead of moving to stations, you can stay in one place and work in interval blocks if you choose. Read More

at work exercise

Fight the Office Chair! 6 Posture-Strengthening Exercises You Can Do at Work

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In this age of standing desks it’s time to face-up to a truth. Chairs are not the enemy. It’s OK to sit down! Chairs have been a part of human civilization for at least 5,000 years and humans continue to survive. Sitting isn’t necessarily evil, and the dude waving to you from his standing desk isn’t morally superior to you. What is troublesome, though, is poor posture and sedentary habits that can develop when sitting is a default position. Getting lazy in a chair can negatively affect joint alignment, muscular strength and your cardiovascular system. Read More