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Achieving More – Anniversary Event Oct 15-17

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It’s our 5th anniversary!

On October 15 – October 17 we are bringing you giveaways, vendors, beverages, yummy treats, and amped up classes!

This is the perfect time to bring in your friends or colleagues to try out our new classes for FREE and share the power of this amazing community of women.

When you refer and your friend joins, you receive November for free.* Refer your friend here.

During a number of Strength, HIIT, and Cycle classes, we will storm the studio and give away phenomenal prizes including gift cards to:

      • Grainmaker
      • Cryomed (Chryotherapy)
      • Amazon
      • Bright Bar Spray Tanning
      • Local coffee shops
      • Healthworks massages

    Schedule is below. You can sign-up via the web or app as usual. No special sign-up required. We hope to see you there!

    CC Date Class Time Instructor
    VIBE 15-Oct 6:15am Tara B
    ACHIEVE 16-Oct 6:30pm Desta M.
    IGNITE 16-Oct 4:30pm Claudia B.
    GRIT 17-Oct 6:00PM Sandra K.
    CB Date Class Time Instructor
    Build 10/15/2019 6:00am Maria V
    Grit 10/15/2019 6:30am Maria V
    IGNITE 10/15/2019 12:15 Claudia B.
    Achieve 10/15/2019 7:00am Jakki
    Ignite 10/16/2019 4:45pm Tara B
    Vibe 10/16/2019 5:30pm Tara B
    Achieve 10/17/2019 6:45am Lori
    Octane 10/17/2019 4:30pm Claudia B.
    CH Date Class Time Instructor
    VIBE 15-Oct 7:00am Kate S.
    GRIT 16-Oct 5:30pm Jalynn
    BUILD 17-Oct 10:00am Kate S.
    IGNITE 17-Oct 5:30pm Julie S.
    BB Date Class Time Instructor
    VIBE 15-Oct 6:15 AM Heather Buda
    BUILD 15-Oct 12:30 PM Cindy Ralls
    VIBE 16-Oct 7:00 AM Katie Kaschak
    BUILD 16-Oct 6:00 PM Mary Legget
    GRIT 17-Oct 12:15 PM Katie Kaschak
    IGNITE 17-Oct 5:00 PM Tara B
    RF Date Class Time Instructor
    GRIT 15-Oct 5:30PM Katie K
    VIBE 16-Oct 5:30PM Heather
    IGNITE 17-Oct 7:15AM Tara B
    BUILD 17-Oct 11:30AM Tara B

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