Push your limits with unlimited access to teamTRAIN30 and teamBURN30 from July 31, 2017 to September 17, 2017 for $199! These challenging 30 minute workouts with one of Boston’s best Personal Trainers are designed for a multitude of goals and fitness levels. Whether you want to increase endurance, improve strength, lose weight, or tone muscle, teamTRAINING Unleashed can help you jumpstart your routine and take your fitness to the next level!

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Hard-hitting cardio intervals, intense strength and bodyweight exercises are fused together for this challenging workout. This program designed by Boston Best Personal Trainers  is guaranteed to leave you feeling accomplished, strong and powerful!  teamTRAIN30 is customized to help you break through your personal fitness boundaries. All fitness levels welcome. 30 minute single session.


An intense full body workout, this 30 minute session incorporates drills to build power and strength, as well as cardio intervals. Learn boxing techniques and progress into more intense workouts each week. No prior experience necessary- just come prepared to channel your inner fighter.


Monday @ 12PM David teamTRAIN30
Monday @ 12:30PM Matt teamTRAIN30
Monday @ 1PM David teamBOX30
Tuesday @ 7AM Jack teamTRAIN30
Tuesday @ 7:30AM Jack teamTRAIN30
Tuesday @ 12PM David teamBOX30
Tuesday @ 12:30PM Lindsey teamTRAIN30
Tuesday @ 5:30PM Matt teamTRAIN30
Wednesday @ 12PM David teamTRAIN30
Wednesday @ 12:30PM David teamBOX30
Wednesday @ 5:30PM Matt teamTRAIN30
Wednesday @ 6PM Matt teamTRAIN30
Thursday @ 7AM Matt teamTRAIN30
Thursday @ 7:30AM Matt teamTRAIN30
Thursday @12PM Jack teamTRAIN30
Thursday @ 12:30PM Jack teamTRAIN30
Friday @ 7AM Matt teamTRAIN30
Friday @ 7:30AM Matt teamTRAIN30
Friday @ 12PM Manny teamTRAIN30
Friday @ 12:30PM Manny teamTRAIN30