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trainHARD. trainSMART. teamTRAIN.

Sometimes the best workouts happen when you're part of a team. Take it to the next level with our 8-week teamTRAINING programs. Whether you are looking to increase strength, lose body fat, intensify your workouts, or train with a like-minded group of focused people, our nationally recognized personal trainers can help you reach your fitness goals for as low as $20 a session.


New Seasons launching March 27, 2017.


all-over body conditioning with kettlebells & boxing

A high-intensity, full body workout that incorporates both boxing drills and kettlebell movements. This fusion of disciplines teaches you proper technique while optimizing your ability to build strength, improve cardiovascular capacity, and swing and strike your way to a fitter, more powerful you!

New Seasons launch March 27th.


Jab, hook, and punch your way into a more powerful self

An intense full body workout, this class incorporates drills to build power and strength, as well as cardio intervals. Learn boxing techniques and progress into more intense workouts each week. No prior experience necessary- just come prepared to channel your inner fighter.

New Seasons launch March 27th.


Hard-hitting Cardio
and Strength Exercises

Hard-hitting cardio intervals are fused together with intense strength and bodyweight exercises for this challenging workout. This program, designed by Boston's Best Personal Trainers, is guaranteed to leave you feeling accomplished, strong, and powerful.

teamTRAIN is customized to help you break through your personal fitness boundaries.

New Seasons launch March 27th.

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