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Named “Best Trainers in Boston,” our seasoned personal training staff is ready to create a game plan for you to achieve all of your fitness goals. Whether you’re starting from scratch and need to build a foundation or you feel stuck in limbo and want to be pushed to your limits, our trainers will inspire and motivate you to accomplish what you set out to do with customized workouts tailored specifically to your needs. Request A Personal Trainer

Level I

Develop client programming specific to the needs of each individual. Provide the foundations of fitness with a focus on progression.

Level II

Seasoned professionals with 3+ years of experience develop programming for those with injuries and health limitations. Recovering from an injury, looking for pre/post natal training or progressing to your next level of fitness.

Level III

Trainers with advanced skill, multiple certifications and 5+ years of experience. Capable of training clients at any level. If you have a medical condition or physical limitation, you may feel more comfortable partnering with a level III trainer. Additionally, our level III trainers can help you prepare for any event or race.

Level IV

Highly trained and experienced Certified Profesional Trainers with 8+ years of experience. In addition to their commitment to our members, our level IV trainers provide mentorship and education for our team of Personal Trainers.


Fitness Director

B.A. Health and Sports Studies, Entrepreneurial Management, The University of Iowa Certified Personal Trainer, National Academy of Sports Medicine MMA Conditioning Specialist, National Academy of Sports Medicine

Strength and Conditioning, Combat Sports, Functional Training, Weight Loss, Balance Training, Achievable Lifestyle Changes for Healthier Living!

I have the best clients! I love having a diverse clientele whose goals are unique and important to them. Reaching goals with clients is always an exciting challenge and great achievement. I take pride in helping each client meet their unique goals in a safe and enjoyable way!

“I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart, Lindsey. You are an amazing person who has made me feel so comfortable and determined to reach my goals not only in the gym, but in life. I feel truly blessed to have you as my trainer.” – D.B.


Education and Certifications :: B.S. in Health and Exercise Science from Syracuse University Certified Personal Trainer – PTA Global

Areas Of Expertise :: Strength and Conditioning, Training for Athletic Performance, Weight Loss, Functional Movement Training, Cardiovascular Training

We all have different goals and challenges.

Providing individualized, result-driven programming for specific goals is what gets us true results! My passion is to help you achieve a happy, healthy and pain free life. Through great programming and motivating you to train hard and push your limits, I know we can achieve your goals together!

I played Division I Collegiate Ice Hockey at Syracuse University for 4 years. I have had various internships with leaders in the industry that focused in strength and conditioning of athletes, physical rehabilitation and older populations. My knowledge and experience has proven successful in my personal athletic career and has certainly helped the athletes I’ve worked with to reach their goals as well! I look forward to helping you reach your goals!


Education and Certifications :: NSCA – Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist USAW – Sports Performance Coach B.S. Nutrition and Food Sciences, University of Vermont

Areas Of Expertise :: Athletic Performance, Functional Movement, Strength Development, Muscular Hypertrophy, Injury Prevention, and Mobility

Training the individual and their specific goals is so important. I have a diverse athletic background, drawing from multiple disciplines such as martial arts, gymnastics, yoga, and conventional strength and conditioning. With a broad array of skills, and a holistic approach to health and fitness, we can work together to reach your goals and get you feeling and moving better!

Train Smart. Eat Well. Be Strong.


NFPT-Certified personal trainer, licensed massage therapist, fitness boxing, TRX, kettlebells, functional training.  
David has been involved with the fitness industry since 1995. His passion for exercise first developed after high school where he experienced a dramatic weight-loss through proper exercise and nutrition. He has helped many clients achieve amazing results through the development of programs that seek to target an individual’s specific fitness goals. David attended the renowned Muscular Therapy Institute in Boston where he furthered his knowledge of human physiology and broadened the scope of his training. David is an avid hiker and enjoys playing golf and fitness boxing. He has been volunteering his time training Massachusetts Special Olympic athletes since 2007.
I am dedicated to helping my clients reach their health and fitness goals through the balance of individualized strength training programs, cardiovascular coaching, and muscular realignment therapies. It is my goal every day to help others discover a true appreciation of physical fitness and the positive effects it can have on one’s overall life and happiness.


NSCA-CPT., USAW Olympic Lifting Coach, USAPL Power Lifting Coach, TRX & Kettle bell Certified. Instructor, Assisted Stretch Certified Instructor, Pre-Post Natal Certified Instructor, NASM Corrective Exercise Specialist, and Tai Chi Chuan 22 Form Instructor.

Julio’s personal training is based on exercise science and holistic arts. He has over 10 years of experience in cross-training with disciplines in body-sculpting, functional strength training, Olympic lifts, post-rehab training, pre and post natal, senior fitness, sports performance, and Tai Chi Chuan. His foundation in exercise science allows him to make accurate fitness assessments and develop a customized program to optimize results.

“Julio Salado is a talented trainer who helped me, even when I thought I could not be helped. I have always worked out in a variety of classes and activities. Julio’s training really focused me on exercises to work out smarter, that is, to focus on my own strengths and weaknesses. His easy-going manner and extensive knowledge have helped me attain surprising results: weight loss (without really trying), overall strengthening and an improvement in motor function, despite some serious medical issues. What more could you ask for from a trainer?” Jean C. PhD., RN.


Cardiovascular Fitness, strength and TRX training, Bodybuilding, Bulgarian Bag training, Weight Loss.

I have a proven record of designing dynamic personal training sessions for clients of all levels that achieve real results. This includes helping coaching one client who lost 35+ lbs over just 5 months of training. One of my own personal achievements includes placing 5th in the Jay Cutler Classic – in the Men’s Physique category.

Work towards your goals! A strong Body and mind are the key to healthy lifestyle.



Strength & conditioning, body sculpting, muscle building, weight loss, functional training, athletics.

I played Division II college football at Merrimack College.  I spend most of my free time fundraising and volunteering for different organizations that are important to me.

Do everything in my power to help each of my clients achieve and maintain their personal fitness goals.  Teaching more of the mental side of fitness, connecting the mind to the body.  It is my goal to make exercise safe, enjoyable and part of everyone’s daily routine to reach each individual’s fitness goal.




BS in Biology with a focus in Physiology from the University of New Hampshire; certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist from the National Strength and Conditioning Association (CSCS).
Strength and conditioning, muscle growth, fat loss, performance enhancement, corrective exercise, core and spin stability development, athletics.
Everyone has unique life experiences, backgrounds, and fitness goals. So each person needs a program customized to his or her objectives — a dynamic routine that will grow and adapt as one progresses towards their own specific goals. Your transformation can be achieved through science-based methods in both exercise and nutrition, and consistency in maintaining these ideas.
I highly recommend Tom as a personal trainer. Since I began working with him several months ago, I feel great with more energy. He has put together a solid and creative workout plan that clearly demonstrates his knowledge. Furthermore, he is enthusiastic and fun to work with which makes the workouts enjoyable.” -NE

Jack B

B.S. in Applied Exercise Science from Springfield College

Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) through the National Strength and Conditioning Association

Every athlete is unique and training programs have to be individualized to meet one’s specific goals and needs. Through science-based principles, attention to detail, and quality coaching, I know I can help anyone reach their health and fitness goals. My focus is to get people moving well, decrease the risk for injury, and progress movements safely and effectively to reach peak results.

I was a collegiate baseball athlete at Springfield College for 4 years. I spent 2 summers during my undergraduate degree completing high-level internships across the country, dealing with rehab patients in a physical therapy setting to D1 collegiate athletes at USC

Matt H

Certified Personal Trainer – PTA Global
Graduate of the National Personal Training Institute in Boston

Get Better Every Day! Fitness goals come in many different shapes and sizes, but to achieve those goals, they all require consistency and progression. It is my mission to help you maximize what you’ve got and achieve your goals in a safe, challenging and personalized environment.