Themed Group Fitness Classes

Every month we hold fun themed classes for our members! Not a member? Enjoy your first class as our guest, after that you can still take a class for our guest rate of $30. Make an appointment with a membership advisor to try a class today.
*Member Sign-Up opens 30 hours before each class.


Hills, hills, hills Cycle

You will be tested to push your limits and train like an athlete.  A mix of cardio, strength and endurance exercises will guarantee to elevate your heart rate and challenge you to reach your personal fitness goals.

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Date: 9/10 | Instructor: Julie Higgins


Boy Bands from the 80s/90s Pulse

Ride to the rhythm of our fave boy bands from the 80s/90s!

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Date: 9/28 | Instructor: Heather Buda


Red Sox at Bat Forge

Sweat it out to this year’s Red Sox players ‘at bat’ songs in this high intensity interval 45 minute class!

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Date: 9/13 | Instructor: Stephanie Wasta