Getting Started

Signing Up With The App


To sign up for a group fitness class click the “Find a Class” button on the app homepage.


Step 3

Once you are logged in, you can scroll through the various available classes to enroll in, both paid and free. You can sort classes by date, instructor or activity. You can now view the schedule and enroll in class for your selected club. To sign out of MYiClub, click on the right MYiClub icon and then “sign out”.


Step 5

A message will pop up confirming your enrollment in a class.

Step 2

Once you have clicked on the “Find a Class” button, you will need to log into your MyiClub account. If you check the “Remember me” button you will only need to enter this login information once. See the MyiClub portal signup instructions PDF for more information.

Step 4

Once a class is selected, click the red “Book Now” button to enroll in a class. You can also “Add To Calender”, which adds the class to your phone’s calender. The enroll button is shown for all ticketed classes (classes with – T in the class name) that are available for online signup. Classes are available for online signup 2- 30 hours before the class time. Half of the tickets for a class and any tickets not registered online 2 hours before the class start are available at the front desk 1 hour before class.